Our space is carefully designed to bring your most creative ideas to life. Record your first podcast, work on personal projects or connect with other creatives using the latest audio-visual technology at Omenya Space.


Anthony Omenya’s inspiration

Anthony Omenya was inspired to build a multipurpose studio space that could suit the creative needs of Montreal’s emerging community of content creators as well as the city’s flourishing tech focus community. «The goal was to
create the ideal space in which art and technology could come together, a studio space where creatives could share ideas and spark innovation.»
– Anthony Omenya, Founder of Omenya Space


Discovering the space

Located in the Garment District of Montreal, the space was chosen for its potential to fulfill the vision of bringing art and technology together.


Designing the studio

The interior designer Stéphane Labridy designed the entire studio with creativity in mind, taking care of every details from the layout of the space to the colors of the furniture. Accompanied by his team, Annabelle Malialin – Interior stylist and Nancy Alexander – Interior designer, the designer brought the vision of Omenya Space to life.


Adding the tech

To suit the needs of Montreal’s creators and innovators, Omenya space had to be fully equipped with the latest audio-visual technology.

The space includes Blackmagic & RED digital cinema cameras, Shure SM7B microphones as well as soundproof acoustic panels for the podcast studio and the conference room.

The artist Benz Debrosse added the final touch in the design process by creating a customized piece in the open workspace, reinforcing the concept of art and technology merging in a creative space.


Welcome to Omenya Space

Omenya Space officially launched on July 29th, 2021. Our space is now open and ready for you to record your first podcast using the latest tech equipments, work on personal projects, connect with other creatives or host top-quality events!

Why Omenya


Fully equipped spaces with the latest audio-visual technology


Creative environment that promotes the sharing of ideas


Networking opportunities and invites to exclusive events


Secure spaces with 100% digital access keys

Take a walk in the space

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